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PHOTOGRAPHS Conversation Without A Friend

Percakapan Tanpa Kawan

(Conversation without A Friend)

A joint photo exhibition titled REN.JA.NA of Saya Bercerita #2

(an excerpt from the curatorial essay)

...Through his 12 images, Andri, in the early years of his thirties, questioned his goals and purposes in life.

His encounters with many people along the course of life led him to a moment of pause and reflection. The life he has lived is not as beautiful as many good images that he took with his camera, the postcard style images. During the creation process of his collection Conversation Without A Friend, he found another version of him.

He went out of the box - his limiting concepts, allowing a new spirit of expression emerged on his dark, moody images. In this exhibition, he invited us to understand his struggles in finding directions; to have an imaginary conversation with the images while sitting at a chair, without a friend...

- Syafiudin Vifick, Photographer & Mentor

These images was exhibited in a joint photo exhibition REN.JA.NA at Uma Seminyak, Jalan Cendana 1, Oberoi, Seminyak, Bali on 23 November - 9 December 2018. Image of exhibition display by Wayan Martino.


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Image by Wayan Martino.

For this exhibition I wrote down the naration of my exhibition on a journal book, leaving many blank pages. I put nothing after my text, except a symbol of arrow down, to see if there was some viewers would join me in writing their response after seeing the images. And, there were.

Behind The Scene

Last year, in early 2018, I took a break from work because I felt my life become so mundane. I was drowned in a boring life and routine. At the same moment, I read that a photography class Saya Bercerita (I am telling a story) mentored by Syafiudin Vifick is opening a mentoring class. I submitted my portfolio shots and thankfully got the opportunity along with other 5 friends.

After a few sessions of brainstorming, the mentor accepted my project proposal, A Conversation Without Friends, which explored the possibility of expressing all my feelings and struggles through visual images. Intuitive and spontaneous image making then became my main method of approach toward the theme. I sensed a feeling of freedom in expressing my feeling through photography, putting aside the ‘guidance and rules’ of a good image.

Discovering my inner voices and aligning it with what will I do for the rest of my life is the challenging part of this process. While I was free from work’s obligations, I had plenty of times to examine my life and saw how far I walk until the present. I saw flaws, wasted opportunities, times, energies, though there were also happy moments.  This process helped me a lot, yet it has not finished. It didn’t mean that I found my purpose after the exhibition ended.

This is an ongoing process of me in figuring out my life and purposes...

Exhibition Documentation

All images by Martino Wayan

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