Introvert Who Travels



A morning in the cold days of June,

I wake up, feeling sane.

Through the window sunshine pouring in,

as if a pure angel stopping in.

I look at the window and for one more time remember you.

It seems like the angel slowly draws your face on the window glass.

As my eyes follow the little hand, I feel turning into blue.

Find a good heart, yesterday a friend lent me her advice,

when I told her that forever love is never true.

It was the first time I remember your face.

And my heart broke apart twice.

No one told me that it was you,

someone should have told me that it was you,

if only someone told me that it was you.

So I would stay,

not chasing you away.

But time flies.

From young and mistakes,

all become old and wise.

Because of you, I take the courage,

believing forever love is exist.

It is a cold morning of June,

to the end of sunshine I move,

so the light will fall upon my face.

It feels so warm, I’m at peace.

Bali, June 2019

For A. Thanks for being a good heart.

Thank you M for the advice and a treat of Espresso Martini.

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