Introvert Who Travels

At The Holy Mary’s Grotto

One evening I entered the Holy Mary’s grotto at Fransiscus Xaverius church and was struck by a melancholic feeling.

Over there, before the Holy Mary statue, a woman in red sat. I couldn’t see her face but I can hear her weeping.

I took a seat, listening to the melancholic sobs. What happened to her life, I wondered. Though it felt strange to me to be in the middle of this scene, I’m always taught to keep your tears in your room and bring only smiles every time I leave.

Yet, it then came to my awareness that, in addition to life and death, we human beings share some common things: sadness, pain, problems, also happiness. No one will ever escape from it.

My friend once said there is nothing last forever, even pains. That, the purpose of life is not happiness, but to live life. During the ups, remember your struggles, and during the downs, remember your happy moments.

So, if we share those common things, then why do we need to hide our pain or sadness? If we truly understand that life has its ups and downs, why do we only share our happiness? to make people feel envy? to show the world that life seems always be nice to us?

I canceled my intention to have some quiet moment there and left the room soon as I was about to cry, too. I have not the courage yet to cry outside my room.

O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who turn to you. Amen.

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