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About A Dining Table and Its People

About a dining table and its people. A dining table can tell us more about our relationship with other people, even the reality of our current life. At least, it will give a clue to it.

When you share a dining table with few people or a group of people, and you enjoy the food, the conversation, feel at peace and inspired by the encounters, there’s a good chance that you are with the right people. Be grateful for it.

On the contrary, if you feel like a stranger, or if you feel you don’t understand well about what’s your friends talk about, look inside yourself to see if it’s time to upgrade your skill and knowledge. But be careful. There is also a possibility that you might build a friendship with people who have different values than yours, that you feel not on the same page most of the time.

Even a person who enjoys having dinner alone has something to tell about the current life situation or the relation with other people. It’s easy to guess that it’s a bad story, but it’s not always the case. Some people enjoy having a meal alone for many different reasons, bad or good stories behind, that affect the way he/she sees the relation with other people. Because I believe that even a person can really enjoy and feel comfortable of having a meal by himself, he will choose to have it with other person when there is a chance for it (have a good friend, another person who is willing to listen to him, understand him better than everyone else, etc.).

There is a saying that our future fate will also be influenced, to some degree, by the people in which we spend most of the time. It’s also true that we should open ourselves to be friendly and kind to everyone. But, we need to be careful to pick the inner circle, the group of people who would like to invite if you are going to have a special dinner for one table only.

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