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A Well-Spent Saturday Evening at Splash Bistro

Meats on skewers. Churrasco BBQ Dinner at Splash Bistro, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Saturday (3/8/2019).

Two medium-sized grill stations next to the swimming pool are fired up. A dozen chicken wings lining up on a skewer, so is one medium chunk beef, lamb, alongside with the sausages - all are being roasted over an open fire on one grill. Another one features one big roasted pig on a spit. As thin smoke fills the air, sending a distinctive seductive scent to the diners; a tempting invitation for a meaty dinner.

A waiter greets me and shows my table in the corner, near the kitchen. A nice spot, from which I can enjoy people-watching in the all-white seatings of al fresco dining area of Splash Bistro in Hard Rock Hotel Bali, accommodating up to 50 people. Looking far into the background is the hotel’s unique Sand Island, a free-form swimming pool with real beach sand, acting as a private beach inside this world-renowned chain hotel.

Splash Bistro itself is a relaxing poolside bistro in the bustling Kuta area. Like an oasis, just a few steps away from the majestic Kuta Beach, visiting here after witnessing the legendary sunset is an excellent idea to avoid the crowds as well as the traffic, for a while. Wood-fired pizzas, pasta, and refreshing cocktails are their regular offerings, with some seasonal programs, such as the now happening Churrasco BBQ Buffet Dinner every Saturday, from 6pm until 9:30pm.

Splash Bistro as photographed from  near the hotel’s lobby area.

Al-fresco dining style.

Grill station.

A selection of sumptuous menu is prepared on the tables for the all-you-can-eat dinner, with the salad station is the usual way to start. Choose from refreshing Caesar salad, Tuscan Panzanella salad, or Roasted potato salad with pesto, sundried tomatoes and spring onion. If none of the above is your favorite, you can opt to order from their regular menu at an additional price.

The main course, indeed, is the roasted meats. Waiters will pop-up with a skewer full of meat. One with the chicken wings, the next one with a chunk of lamb meat, beef, sausages; they will keep moving around from one table to another. All guests can just relax; keep adding the meats to the plate; enjoy them along with the sides like Spanish saffron rice or the Fire-roasted corn and an overwhelming chioce of six different kind os sauces. The roasted pork from a separate grill station is also worth-trying for those who eat that.

Lamb on Skewer.

Beef Sausage with bacon.

During the dinner, a stage on the Sand Island calls for your attention for Hardrock Roxity Kids Club. This is an opportunity for little champs to feel confident in front of the crowds. They can sing, dance, make jokes and share whatever they want to share. A boy wearing safari shirt and round hat, who sits with his parent next to my table, comes up to the stage and tells a short story of why he and his parent come to the Island. He also shares a riddle: what does the traffic light say to the car? Unfortunately, I can’t hear clearly when he gives the correct answer. (Do you know?). The stage will be available for kids until none are showing up.

An interesting entertainment.


Ice Cream for dessert?

After finishing the dessert, I am ready for another little journey around Kuta and hope that the traffic outside is friendlier. It’s a well-spent Saturday evening with a kind of different guest participating entertainment to watch, paired with the delicious dinner menu.

I would recommend the bistro to new families with kid(s) for casual and relaxing dinner time in Kuta area. The experience of Churrasco BBQ all-you-can-eat-dinner is available for both the hotel’s guests and visitors, with prior reservation recommended for the latter.

It costs at a reasonably good price for the experience it offers, at IDR 400K nett/adult, half price for a child aged 6 to 12 years old, with the bonus of eating for free for one child under 6 years old with every paying adult. Ask your kids first, “Do you wanna grill, grill, grill, kids?”

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