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Bedugul Bali, After the Rain

Other people might saw us as two mad persons. It was a Saturday afternoon around 3 pm when we saw thick, dark gray clouds above our destination. Heavy rain seemed to pour down in a few minutes in Bedugul area. The trip from Denpasar to Bedugul would take around a one-and-half hour from Denpasar; when we got there, it must get dark. But we were desperate to go; we did, despite any reason that might hold us on.

Knowing the certainties upon us, we stayed calm when the heavy rain slowed things on the road about 20 minutes after we started the ride. We stopped. I took the raincoat from the scooter baggage, gave one to my friend and put another one on myself and kept going on, so we would have arrived before dark.

We only made a stop somewhere along the route, when we saw a small warung on the roadside, in between rice paddies. A cup of coffee and warm instant noodle gave us the warm body temperature we needed to finish the ride.

When we finally arrived at Bedugul, it was 5:30 pm. We got a few minutes of a pure calmness of the Bratan Lake right before the dark call it a day, like a huge curtain, closed the huge theater stage. And it was all we needed.

On the way back, my friend took the driver seat, so I had a moment to think about this very short trip. I feel that it is all we need in life.

An act of courage.

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