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  1. Trekking ke Gunung Abang dan Waktu Yang Tepat Untuk Menengok ke Belakang

    11 Apr 2020
    #travelingthroughyourarchives Perjalanan trekking menuju puncak Gunung Abang (2,152 mdpl) di kawasan Kintamani, Bangli - Bali mengingatkanku akan waktu yang tepat untuk menengok ke belakang. Hampir satu tahun lalu, aku menembus angin yang membawa hawa dingin bulan Juli. Arsip Instagram Story mencatat suhu di pos registrasi pendakian Gunung Abang pada dini…

  2. Saat Perahu Jukung Itu Melintas…

    01 Apr 2020
    Sebuah perahu jukung melintas dikejauhan, dan untuk beberapa saat, memecah tenangnya lautan di satu sore itu Aku yang duduk terdiam memandangi pemandangan tak bertepi itu pun ikut terusik. Satu tanya mengganggu momen aku berusaha lepas dari segala kerumitan dikepalaku dengan memandang laut, tanpa memikirkan apa pun. “Dari mana dan mau…

  3. Bedugul Bali, After the Rain

    01 Mar 2020
    Other people might saw us as two mad persons. It was a Saturday afternoon around 3 pm when we saw thick, dark gray clouds above our destination. Heavy rain seemed to pour down in a few minutes in Bedugul area. The trip from Denpasar to Bedugul would take around a…

  4. About A Dining Table and Its People

    17 Oct 2019
    About a dining table and its people. A dining table can tell us more about our relationship with other people, even the reality of our current life. At least, it will give a clue to it. When you share a dining table with few people or a group of people,…

  5. At The Holy Mary’s Grotto

    04 Oct 2019
    One evening I entered the Holy Mary’s grotto at Fransiscus Xaverius church and was struck by a melancholic feeling Over there, before the Holy Mary statue, a woman in red sat. I couldn’t see her face but I can hear her weeping. I took a seat, listening to the melancholic…

  6. A Well-Spent Saturday Evening at Splash Bistro

    20 Aug 2019
    Meats on skewers. Churrasco BBQ Dinner at Splash Bistro, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Saturday (3/8/2019). Two medium-sized grill stations next to the swimming pool are fired up. A dozen chicken wings lining up on a skewer, so is one medium chunk beef, lamb, alongside with the sausages - all are


    29 Jun 2019
    SOLACE A morning in the cold days of June, I wake up, feeling sane. Through the window sunshine pouring in, as if a pure angel stopping in. I look at the window and for one more time remember you. It seems like the angel slowly draws your face on the…

  8. Arya Trimni Putra ‘The Painting Crazy Man’ Has Made It!

    26 Mar 2019
    That rainy Saturday evening, 16 March 2019, was a memorable day for the painter Arya Trimni Putra. Wrapped in all black clothes – black long sleeves shirt and trousers, the neat and tidy man could not hide the feeling of happiness and accomplishment from his face. All of his hard

  9. Not A Typical Ubud, Yet I Found It’s Cool!

    02 Mar 2019
    Hippie Fish Ubud is not a typical Ubud ‘thing’, I thought at first. Bringing a nautical theme, instead of the teak wooden and classic style that Ubud is proud of, this Mediterranean restaurant takes a risky job of moving a beachside café and restaurant vibe to the middle of Ubud,

  10. 1000 Abstract Paintings in 30 Days: An Expression of Unconditional Love

    13 Feb 2019
    Inspired and brave all at once, an Indonesian artist, Arya Trimni Putra, will paint 1000 abstract paintings continuously in just 30 days from 14th February through until 16th March 2019 at Sudakara ArtSpace, Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur in an impressive project and exhibition entitled “Art is Unlimited.” The artist…

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