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Travelling, introvert's way. Creating the balance between exploring and relaxing, solitude and connection.

Let's walk with me...

A quick note \\ Jan '20

Recently I watched a video from one of my photography inspiration, Sean Tucker feat. Rachael Talibart, talking about how to embrace the process in things that we pursue. I wrote Rachael words down in my note,

"Let it happen slowly. Let it happen organicly. Just be kind to yourself. If you want it, it can happen but let it happen slowly...just go out and live." (Rachael Talibart)

Walk, walk, walk...

let a place introduce itself to you. - Pico Iyer, travel writer.

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Laid-back beach. Delicious seafood. Slowing down life for a while.


"It's a journey. Something we all have to go through," she said.

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