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The sounds - of crashing waves, chirping birds, laughter, music, make me calm…

A camera makes me walking further and standing still.

I am an introvert who travels.

It is easier to escape, but more challenging to find the beauty in mundanity and routine. Sometimes, it lies in its simplicity; other time, in its complexity. The camera helps me to see that beauty.

I love walking, observing people's activities and listening to the surroundings. For me, being outside or travelling is an art of finding a good balance of exploring and relaxing, solitude and connection.

Many see me as a quiet, shy and anxious. Yet, as human being, I want to connect. A poor conversation starter wanting to listen to people's stories, I keep trying. Once a while it works. At a moment, a hello becomes 2 hours of meaningful conversation while at other moment it's simply a warm gesture.

There are many thoughts and stories I want to share, and I feel that the best way to do it is through words and photographs. As you read this, I invite you to walk with me and let me tell you the stories along the way…

Andri Setya, An Introvert who travels.

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