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Natural Spots in Bali for Recharging Our Energy

Sometimes we are tired with things around us: group’s schedules, tour itineraries, or just the crowds. I know how it feels. We want to explore on our own. Just for one day, please… your deepest heart might beg. If that is the case, I hope you will be ready for a little exploration. And, the good news is that Bali is safe for solo traveling.

Even though some Balinese we will meet along the road can only speak little English and more Bahasa or Balinese language, we can still see their good intention to help. Or, we can simply turn on the online map; most areas are in general have fair to good internet reception.

A beach is simply the place to go for a quiet moment when staying around the tourist areas of Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Nusa Dua. While beaches in these are surrounded by hundreds of establishments and modern facilities, traveling a little further promise the real charm of Bali, which has attracted visitors for years: its natural beauty and culture.

Let’s walk with me to some beautiful places worth visiting. Put on your helmet or hitch a ride, and off we go to explore the island.

Camping at Bukit Asah


In the eastern part of Bali, Bukit Asah at Bugbug Village, Karangasem, spoils our eyes with the undisturbed sea view from an eagle view. The high cliff area with slopes covered with greens is a cool spot for enjoying a quiet moment or little adventure with close friends. Here, you will spot a tiny island nearby, called Whale Island.

Once a while, the elegant movements of a boat crossing on Lombok - Padangbai route is somehow interesting to look at. In case you love the ambiance and hope to stay for a little longer, make it into a camping night. The locals living nearby provide tents for rent and services at an affordable rate per night. Contact +62 812 38338057 for inquiry about tent availability.

Location Map

Morning meditation at Tegenungan Waterfall.


Located in Gianyar area, this waterfall becomes one of the most visited in Bali, due to its strategic location between Kuta and Ubud. If you happen to travel in that direction, a visit to the waterfall will not ruin your travel schedule. Experience the Bali Swing thrill, make a sexy photo or dip into the cool water. The downside is this waterfall can be packed with tourists during the day.

However, recently I followed my friend for a spiritual journey, and we came early in the morning and spent the whole morning there for a meditation session near the waterfall. It was almost still empty. So, for a more tranquil atmosphere, be here before 9AM

Ticket entrance fee IDR 15,000/person. Location Map


A natural refuge from the strong mid-day sun in Ubud, the complex of the wild park with huge trees located in the centre of Ubud is perfect to visit during the day.

Spend a leisure time walking in nature and watching the funny, sometime nosy, actions of monkeys inside. Please be advised to keep your belongings safe during the visit. Stay calm and don’t overreact if the monkey gets to steal your items. Instead, buy bananas or peanuts from the local sellers for a good trade.

After visiting Monkey Forest, a short drive to Petulu will complete the day. Located in north Ubud, around 20-minute drive, the village has been attracting visitors since years ago. Before the dusk, you will get a chance to watch thousands of herons coming home and roost on the lining trees along the road. Come and see, it is a simple, natural yet magical moment for a brief.

Monkey Forest entrance fee: IDR 50,000/adult. Location Map

No entrance fee for Petulu. Location Map

Mangrove view from Observation Tower.


This wild mangrove forest is ideal if you are staying in Kuta and Seminyak area, but refuse to travel far. It is fairly not crowded all day. My morning walk here is peaceful and refreshing. Read my blog post for detail experiences before you go here.

Entrance Fee IDR 10,000/person (domestic). Location Map

I wish you a fulfilling journey and a refreshing trip while on the island of Bali!

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