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A Laid-back Day at Lebih Beach Bali

October 01, 2019  || 5 minutes reading

Your guide or driver may not tell you about this black sand beach located in Lebih Village, Gianyar, Bali, an approximately 30-minute drive from Sanur. It is a humble, local, more serene beach rather than a tourist beach.

In a glimpse, it’s the atmosphere that is attractive, not the possibilities of activities to do.

I don’t know if it resembles Bali beach atmosphere a few decades ago, but for me, it is a beach in Bali which I am happy to spend an afternoon for a leisure walk on its promenade, exchanging smiles with Balinese people, and ESPECIALLY, eating the seafood at one of its warungs.

Some online recommendations suggest that here is as delicious as Jimbaran, but at half price, and I found myself cannot agree more! It remains a hidden gem for a laid-back beach in Bali with seafood lunch/dinner as a perfect complement.

So I decided to make a visit one a Saturday afternoon and had lunch at one of the warungs. Looking at the menu, the price list is interestingly affordable, leaving me with options to order individual fish or a packaged dish. The fish can be grilled or fried, and then some choices are available, like fish soup, fish egg soup, fish satay or fish meatballs.

I ordered a cup of Bali coffee and the package of fried fish served with vegetables and sambals.

Fresh fish are being weighed at Warung Pak Colt, Lebih Beach, Gianyar-Bali.

If I was with a friend, however, choosing an individual menu will make more sense. That way, I can choose the whole fresh fish, which will be weighed before putting on the grill. Then, choose side dishes to make it an enjoyable sharing lunch.

Anyway, the lunch was great, the taste didn’t disappoint at all. I had my lunch slowly, really took my lunchtime, although, my coffee was too sweet. I need to ask for less sugar for the next visit.

Finding A Joy of Doing Nothing

After lunch, I spent the whole afternoon taking a walk, tried to absorb the mood and atmosphere. Life is at a slow pace here, and if you are like me, Lebih Beach offers what I need. Don’t get me wrong. Me too enjoy crowded beaches with people and music, such as Double Six Beach or Echo Beach in Canggu.

Lebih Beach is simply something else, a place where I go whenever I need some moment in a less stimulating situation. 

I then sat at a Balinese bale near the beach. As far I saw here people seemed to be in a peaceful state. A man sitting on a rock, hoping for a big fish catch the hook. Near to him, a man was enjoying a nap, leaning back against the temple’s wall, hiding his eyes with the cap. Then there was an old man next to me sitting peacefully, looking far at a point in the middle of the ocean.

These people seemed to be the masters of living in the present moment and the art of doing nothing, simply enjoying life.

Something that looks so easy for them, unfortunately, is a difficult thing for other people, including me, who is always presented with the idea of being busy, productive, doing more and more. I am busy, the phrase I hear often.

“And if you’re not busy, especially in today’s workplace, you’re often thought of as lazy, unproductive, inefficient—a waste of space,” the minimalist activists Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus once wrote

But, for a moment, it happened to me, as if I entered their world, the realm of peace and mindfulness. I was fully aware of it. It was a different experience. When I stayed in my room, my mind quickly starts to wander and think about many things. Or, when I was bored, daydreaming mode takes charge very soon. But, this time nothing came to my mind nor my heart. I was simply living and sitting, looking at the ocean. It was like a car with the engine turned on, and on neutral gear.

Walking promenade at Lebih Beach.

Even for a few minutes, that moment seemed to restart my mental state. As I stood up and continued my walk, I felt the urge to do this idle moment more frequently between the hustle works upcoming weeks.

“Time you choose to waste is not wasted time." – Chris Guillebeau on 8 Ways to Have More Time.

Some tips on visiting Lebih Beach Bali

  • If you want to take the experience further to a fancier one, visit nearby Rumah Luwih which offers fancier offers such as restaurants, beach club, and spa.
  • Evenif you don’t want to stay for long at Lebih Beach, it is a great rest area on your trip to East Bali (Karangasem), or after enjoy wildlife at Bali Safari and Marine Park.
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